About Us


My Odd Jobs was established in the UK.  It aims to provide home dwellers with a reliable, local and affordable solution to common everyday tasks around the home, including gardening, house cleaning, cooking, ironing, decorating and babysitting. These regular tasks are met with dread by many due to hectic lifestyles, lack of skills or restrictions in mobility. Posting a free advert for help on our site allows you to claim back your free-time for you!

It also provides employment opportunities for ‘helpers’ a registered network of workers across the UK who are experts in these job areas – gardeners, handymen, ironers, house cleaners, baby sitters and au-pairs and many more areas.
Registering as a helper on the myoddjobs site will promote your skills in our directory for a minimal fee, allow you to apply for posted jobs and gain employment, and as your feedback score grows so will your chance of securing future bids.

My Odd Jobs is a new and exciting service that is set to revolutionise the part time jobs market and the way in which we view our daily housework. Allowing your time to be spent in more pleasurable areas in your life - relax with hobbies, family, friends, or even giving you more time to focus on work...... you choose!